Former Obama Speechwriter Jon Lovett Crafts Twitter Case For Dylan Farrow

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Between a Golden Globes’ tribute to Woody Allen and a letter penned by adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow around the same time , allegations of abuse from 1992 resurfaced and were debated in a newly rape-aware era — and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett has stepped forward to defend the woman after her credibility was viciously attacked in the ensuing fray.

Over on Twitter, Jon Lovett has lashed out at several prominent defenses of Woody Allen, in particular one Daily Beast piece written by Allen associate Robert Weide. The lengthy bit of apologia written by Weide ranges in its scope, assuming a tone of sympathy for Dylan Farrow while summarily essentially dismissing her claims as the vengeful work of an allegedly morally compromised and jilted parent — Mia Farrow. Among Weide’s smoking guns — that Farrow herself was involved in a May-December relationship, and that she became pregnant as the result of an affair.

Weide points to Farrow’s youthful liaisons as evidence her stake in Dylan’s welfare was biased, and further argues that Allen’s relationship with now-wife Soon-Yi Previn (Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter) wasn’t nearly as untoward as it looked — an Olympiad-worthy feat of logic, considering … the indisputable facts of their relationship.

Lovett’s long series of tweets is worth a read in their entirety, but he creates a compelling case against Allen and his defenders, explaining in part:

Lovett adds:

At the end, he concludes:

Click through on any one of Jon Lovett’s tweets to see his full series of statements on the Woody Allen incident involving Dylan Farrow in 1992.

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