#FoodPorn Now Has An Index That Tracks Deliciousness

Food Porn Index

Instagram and Twitter users love to tag their favorite foods with the hashtag #FoodPorn. Typically those foods are not the healthiest of choices. For example, a stack of bacon is more likely to be given the #FoodPorn moniker than a pile of carrots.

Realizing that there is a TON of #FoodPorn being posted to social media accounts, the Food Porn Index was born. According to the platform, approximately 70% of all #FoodPorn is junk food.

The index was created by juice manufacturer Bolthouse Farms. The goal is to remind Americans that vegetables can be food porn too.

While the index showcases some delicious photos of donuts and pies, it also shows brilliantly photographed berry’s and potato’s.

At any moment in time the website showcases stats for 12 popular vegetables and 12 junk foods. One of the most popular types of foods are #condiments, which regular grace the platform. Healthy foods are highlighted in bright colors while junk foods are shown in a simple white output.


Fun tip: Click on food found on the Food Porn Index and an animation will show you if your choice is healthy or unhealthy.

The best part about the platform? It doesn’t guilt trip viewers into a certain type of decision. The idea is simply to show users that there are healthier decisions when it comes to the food they eat.

FoodPorn Index



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