Flipboard Finally Launches Windows 8.1 App

Flipboard Windows 8.1 App Arrives

A Windows Phone app is still a ways off, but Flipboard finally launched an app for Windows 8.1 on Thursday. The app is designed to take advantage of the operating system’s live tile feature, where users can feature Flipboard as a live tile on the Windows Start screen.

The app seems to be aimed at tablet and Surface users, but it will also work with Windows 8.1 desktops and laptops. Windows Phone users will have to wait a little while longer for the Flipboard app to hit their Marketplace, as an app for smartphones with the company’s mobile OS won’t come out until 2014.

While the new app doesn’t differ a lot from Flipboard’s iOS and Android versions, there are a few things that make it unique, including the live tile feature. Using that feature, users can get real-time updates on what’s been added to magazines they follow without having to open the app. The app can also allow you to pin specific magazines or sections to the Windows home screen for faster access.

During an interview with CNET recently, CEO Mike McCue commented that the Windows 8.1 app is a “special edition” that was built from scratch. He added that the tiled system is an operating system where “content becomes the interface,” a setup similar to the app’s design.

Thursday’s Flipboard Windows app release comes a month after the company announced it has 90 million users.

[Image via Flipboard]



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