Flickr Pro Free For 3 Months! Photo Site Kicks Instagram When Its Down

Flickr Pro For Free over 3 Month Period

Flickr Pro is now available with a free three month trial period. Flickr announced its new free to try program just days after Instagram’s proposed terms of service changes angered a larger percentage of its user base.

The Flickr Pro service is not expensive at just $24.95 and while $6 in savings might now sound like the greatest deal of all time, its free and it doesn’t require a credit card to enroll. Further, if a user doesn’t find value in Flickr Pro they don’t need to commit.

Using Flickr Pro users can store images up to 50 MB in size and they can also download high-resolution images. Users can also upload and play videos in high definition.

Flickr is also competing with Instagram by recently adding new photo filters to its mobile app, allowing users to take photos, change their look and then upload them.

Users didn’t flock away from Instagram but they were angered by changed that would have taken place in January 2013. Will you be changing over to Flickr Pro because of Instagram’s attempt to change its user contract?


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