Earth’s First Airport For Flying Cars And Drones Opens This Year

flying cars

Urban Air Port has opted to develop its first Air-One transport center for electric flying cars and autonomous delivery drones.

The forward-looking facility will roll out later this year. It will sustain air taxi technology and delivery drone and ultimately persons across cities and transport cargo. “Cars need roads. Trains need rails. Planes need airports. eVTOLs will need Urban Air Ports. Over 100 years ago, the world’s first commercial flight took off, creating the modern connected world. Urban Air Port will improve connectivity across our cities, boost productivity and help the UK take the lead in a whole new clean global economy. Flying cars used to be a futuristic flight of fancy. Air-One will bring clean urban air transport to the masses and unleash a new airborne world of zero-emission mobility,” said Ricky Sandhu, Urban Air Port’s executive chairman and founder.

The metropolis’ concentrated location offers effortless access to most regions of the UK within four hours. “We are already a city that is helping to shape the future of electric transport, and this is yet another ground-breaking project that puts Coventry at the forefront of new technologies. It highlights how the council is working alongside a range of organizations to help shape a better, greener future,” said Coventry Councillor Jim O’Boyle. The project received a $1.66 million grant after winning the Government’s Future Flight Challenge.

Future Flight Challenge director, Gary Cutts, noted: “Urban Air Port has the potential to revolutionize cities across the world, making them more connected, cleaner and accelerating our green economic recovery. This project epitomizes the purpose of the Future Flight Challenge fund – it is innovation at its finest – and will help to position the UK at the vanguard of electric urban air mobility.” Hyundai Motor Group is backing the project, which is creating commercialized flying cars to be launched by 2028.


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