Females less likely to date males with cats, research finds


A study discovered that women are less likely to say yes — or swipe right — to guys if they’re posing with cats in photographs.

Scientists exhibited hundreds of women pics of two males, both guys pictured with a furry companion and without. Their responses displayed that the men’s fortune got considerably worse when women saw the image with a feline. The authors wrote: “Men holding cats were viewed as less masculine; more neurotic, agreeable, and open; and less dateable.” When a cat-free image of one of the subjects was shown to them, 37% said they’d contemplate a serious relationship with him, while 38% of the ladies noted they were likely or very likely to date him casually.

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However, a photo of the same male holding a cat gave the survey participants cat food for thought — and those numbers fell to 33 percent for each category. Meantime, the portion of women claiming they’d never consider getting romantically involved with him spiked from 9% to 14%. By contrast, hopeful ratings for the second subject did not decrease substantially when he was pictured with a feline — though women were more likely to scratch him out as a possible partner.

When he was portrayed alone, 40% of survey participants alleged they’d be improbable or certain not to get involved with him casually. However, this surged to 45% when he was accompanied by a cat. Likewise, 41% stated they’d be doubtful to choose him for a relationship, though 45% expressed the same thing when they saw him with a cat. A total of 709 females aged between 18 and 24 were polled in the online study.


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