Fast Food Eaten Per Second Clip Might Convince You To Pack Your Lunch Today [Viral Video]

fast food eaten per second video

Though Monday is Taco Bell day at the offices of Social News Daily LLC, I might just run home and make myself a sandwich after finding out how much fast food is eaten per second in our great nation.

I mean, we’ve always known that Americans consume way too much greasy, processed (but utterly convenient and delicious) fast food, but just because we enjoy the sausage doesn’t mean we want to know how it’s made, right?

If that’s how you feel, you better not watch the below viral video from BuzzFeed which shows exactly how much fast food is eaten per second by Americans.

A few highlights:

  • Every time you blink, McDonald’s sells two Big Macs.
  • KFC sells 25 pieces of Original Recipe chicken per second.
  • Taco Bell sells 13 Doritos tacos every second (that’s a given).

Taco Bell seems to be a pretty big fan of BuzzFeed:

… but they haven’t responded to the viral video yet.

(We made sure to mention Taco Bell specifically because they seem to have a pretty good sense of humor about themselves on Twitter. You can follow them here.)

Check out the viral video below, and find out just how much fast food is eaten per second in America! We’re going for a salad today.

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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