Facebooking Woman Literally Takes Long Walk Off Short Pier, Barely Survives


Facebooking while walking can be dangerous, as one tourist in Australia learned when she inadvertently wandered off a pier while using the social network on her smartphone.

The young woman plunged from the edge of the St. Kilda pier, police say, at about 11:30 PM on Monday — and couldn’t swim. She floated in the waters in the dark until a call came in to report the Facebook near-drowning.

Senior Constable Dean Kelly explained that the young Taiwanese woman, reportedly in her twenties, seemed calm when she was located — and he explains:

“She wasn’t splashing around too much. She wasn’t in a panic even though she was in the water for probably 20 minutes.”

Kelly recalls that the woman was contrite after the Facebook accident, and said:

“She had a mobile phone in one of her hands and when we brought her onboard one of the first things she did was apologise and say sorry … She explained that she was on her phone checking her Facebook page when she fell into the water.”

The woman was taken to a local hospital for observation after the Facebook related pier accident.



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