Facebook Enters Content Deal With NBC For Winter Olympics

Facebook NBC Olympics

Facebook entered into a content deal with NBC for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. The goal of the deal is to boost interest for the event on social media through NBC’s Olympics page. The Olympics begin February 6 and NBC is the American rights holder to broadcast the games.

Through its experience with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the network believes that social media helps drive more viewers to the telecast. Because of this, it partnered with Facebook, which hopes to establish itself as the place to have conversations about the events, notes the Associated Press.

One of NBC’s short Olympic profiles premiered on Facebook Thursday, speaking about the relationship between American speed skater J.R. Celski and Seattle rapper Macklemore.


The NBC Olympics page will also feature videos like the Celski story and other content. Sarah Hughes, an American figure skating gold medalist, will be available to answer questions from fans on Facebook during NBC’s prime-time coverage of the figure skating competition.

The network will also offer polls, photo galleries, trivia, and other shareable information on the page. It is also in talks with other social media companies about Olympics material, though the deal with Facebook and Instagram was the first to be announced. They collaborated during the 2012 Olympics as well, but this year’s content will allow for more shareable information.

[Image: Screencap from NBC Olympics]



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