Facebook Employee Gets Chance To Die For George R.R. Martin

Remember the news that George R.R. Martin was selling the chance to be brought to life (and then subsequently killed) in his Game of Thrones novels? Well, the two spots have been snatched up and one is going to a Facebook employee.

David Goldblatt (no relation to the photographer) is a Facebook employee, which apparently pays well, because he shelled out $20,000 to R.R. Martin (who will pass it on to charity) in order to experience what it is like reading George R.R. Martin describe what is sure to be, his grisly death.

Goldblatt said that he hopes R.R. Martin will turn him into a Valyrian but also wants to give R.R. Martin creative freedom to do whatever he wants.

The money raised by the event, which is still ongoing and has some lesser memorabilia for sale, will benefit a wolf sanctuary (how fitting of R.R. Martin) and a food bank.

George R.R. Martin said he was “astonished and at a loss for words” at the positive response to the Game of Thrones character sale. The other winner has not yet been revealed, and eight other people are on a waiting list to be killed if either of them changes their mind.

Which has to make this the first time this many people have lined up to be killed voluntarily.

[Photo Credit: JeneaWhat]



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