Facebook Emails New Gun Sale Guidelines

gun sales on social networks

On March 18th Facebook emailed a company based in Austin, Texas called Shooter Swap a message informing them that Facebook has a new firearm-related policy that requires all users to include a message of ‘follow all applicable laws’ and limit page access to only people aged 18 and above.

Shooter Swap does not use Facebook to facilitate gun sales, but even then the company does use the social network to promote its brand.

Brietbart News reported on March 5th that the NRA was victorious over Facebook’s refusal to capitulate to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s attempt to make Facebook abolish gun advertisements and discussions about guns on the platform.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence acknowledged the NRA’s point and agreed that Facebook had not did enough to oppose gun sales, but merely issued a warning for its users to follow the law.

Brietbart News spoke with Jake Young from Shooter Swap on March 18th who said “We already follow the law and tell users to follow the specific laws and regulations in their states – and we did so before Facebook asked us to.”



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