Facebook Ditching Subscribe Button On Profiles For Follow Button


Facebook rolled out the ability to subscribe to profiles in September of 2011 and has decided to change the word to “Follow.”

An official statement from the social network:

“Starting today we are updating the term “Subscribe” to become “Follow” across the site as we found it is a term that resonates better with people on the service. Nothing is changing about how the feature works.”

The update hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet and Facebook didn’t provide a time frame on how long the rollout will take. With this change, that also means the “Subscribe” button which can be embedded on a website, will get an update to “Follow” very soon.

“Follow” elicits more interaction and for Facebook users with over 5,000 friends or who prefer to keep their connections small, this will be a welcome change to the social network.

To view your current subscriptions, go to Facebook.com/yourusername/subscriptions. Under the current subscriptions tab, it would make sense for Facebook to change all the mentions of “subscribers” or “subscriptions” to “followers,” including in the URL.



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