Facebook Campaign Gets George Takei On ‘Saturday Night Live’ [April Fools]

George Takei Hosting SNL

The April Fools jokes continue. Unlike some of the other ones though, this one was just a little too believable and too realistic to get me chuckling. The story went that George Takei has been tapped to host Saturday Night Live, thanks to his dedicated fans and followers on Facebook.

It was those fans, Takei said, that ran a dedicated campaign to get him on the iconic show. Takei became famous for his role in the Star Trek television show and movies, has since moved on to write two books and is a prominent LGBT activist, star on broadway and is in the Kickstarter funded Eat With Me, an upcoming dramedy based off of a LOGO short film.

But still, Saturday Night Live usually goes after the big names, the people who have something big to hype. So at first sight, it seemed like a curious choice.

Then, you realize that George Takei has over six and a half million likes on Facebook. Then you realize that the 76 year old man still has a great sense of humor, and at least a million trekkies will do anything he says, from watching SNL to invading a small country, and you realize that it wouldn’t be so strange to have him hosting SNL after all.

When you consider as Takei did, that Betty White got hosting duties due to a social media campaign, and it ended up helping her revive her career, it almost seemed like a perfect fit.

But alas, like many things in life, it has been confirmed as being too good to be true. Maybe the prank will lead to a real role? SNL creator Lorne Michaels

What do you think of the original Hikaru Sulu‘s little prank?

[Photo Credit: Streamys]

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