Facebook ‘Articles Related To’ Feature Debuts, Offers Optimized News Discovery

Facebook Articles Related To

Facebook has long relied on your friends providing posts to interesting items found online, now thanks to the Facebook “Articles Related To” feature the network is adding its own suggestions based on proprietary algorithms. Using the new feature Facebook is able to suggest pages that it believes users will like. The app should help the social network takes on other news discover platforms including Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

If a user chooses to like the rapper Lil Wayne, they may find “Articles Related to Lil Wayne” along with a preview section and a link to the suggest article.

Facebook News Article Suggestions

Facebook began showing trending articles in users feeds in 2012, however the new product is gear more towards Facebook user interactions on a whole, rather than a persons specific friend feeds which can provide very little demographic info if only a few friends have shared info about a certain topic.

Rumors are now pointing to a “dedicated news-only feed” that could eventually make its way to Facebook as a new way to discover content. Facebook using the new feed could deliver highly relevant content to a users newsfeed, content that could circumvent Google and Bing searches. The news feed could be added to the company’s already created Pages and Music feeds.

Pushing users away from the Facebook platform isn’t something the social network likes to do, however attracting more interaction to highly targeted data could help the company maintain its user interaction.



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