B2B Marketing Is Failing To Attract Social Media Referrals, Study Finds

B2B Gets No Social Network Referral Traction

If you run a b2b website you might be disappointed with your success in the social media space. Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report examined more than 62 million visits, 215 million pageviews and 350,000 leads for 600 small and medium-sized B2B websites and their results were not promising.

According to Optify the impact of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn throughout 2012 was negligible compared t consumer referral traffic.

The study found that Twitter is the strongest social media channe with 82% of all social media leads sourced from the social network.

The study also found that B2B websites only increased their traffic by 1.9% in 2012 and almost none of that increase came from social networks. In fact only 1.22% of that traffic increase came from social networks.

While most sources provided 3 pageviews per visit, the study found that social media users only engaged with 2.02 pageviews per visit.

While Facebook drove the most traffic it was Twitter that converted the most leads into sales.

The study made the following key findings:

  • Facebook: Strongest channel for driving visits
  • LinkedIn: Strongest channel for driving pageviews
  • Twitter: Strongest channel for driving leads

Here is the Optify infographic for B2B social media referrals:



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