Facebook Ads Big Success For Samsung Mobile, Helps Generate 1300% ROI

Facebook Ads help millions of brands to reach a targeted audience and Facebook Global Marketing Chief, Carolyn Everson, has announced that Samsung received a 1,300 percent return on investment from a recent campaign. Carolyn spoke at Business Insider’s Ignition Conference taking place in New York City.

Over a period of three weeks the South Korean company ran ads for their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. The ad campaign took place at the same time as the iPhone 5 launch.

The Facebook campaign cost Samsung a total of $10 million and helped generate $129 million in new sales. In total, the ad campaign reached over 105 million unique users. This news is sure to make Facebook happy as it continues to to keep its stock price over $25, its highest pricing since July.

The use of Facebook Ads didn’t just help the electronics giant make a lot of money, the Samsung Mobile USA page now has over 20 million fans with over 1,000,000 people currently talking about the tech firm.

On Cyber Monday Samsung posted an offer to get a new Galaxy S III for 20 percent off. The company’s newest campaign appears to be on the road to success with over 58,000 people claiming the offer. Samsung has not announced any official numbers at this time.

Carolyn also talked about the General Motors started myth that Facebook Ads don’t work. At least in Samsung’s case, they not only worked, but worked incredibly well.



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