Just 1 Energy Drink Increases Risk Of Strokes & Heart Attacks, BIG Time

energy drink

A new study has unveiled that digesting just one energy drink could increase the risk of stroke and heart attack in 90 minutes, with researchers contending the beverages narrow blood vessels – which can prohibit the flow of blood to vital organs.

energy drink
‘Crack’ open a Red Bull … get it?; Photo: Gifer

While studies previous to the latest one have discovered a link between the stomach and energy drinks, heart and nerve problems, the new determinations from the University of Texas in Houston are among the first to shine light on the prospective increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

Researchers examined 44 students from the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, with all subjects in their 20s and classified as ‘healthy’ non-smokers.

They evaluated the objective of endothelium, the layer of cells filling the surface of blood vessels – the inefficiency of which has been proven to be an indicant of heart attacks as arteries are not capable of fully dilating.

energy drink
This lady (obviously) agrees with the new study; Photo: Tenor

Participants’ endothelial subroutine was tested before each of them consumed a 24-ounce energy drink, prior to being tested again 90 minutes later. In that time period, the internal diameter of blood vessels had, on average, been reduced by nearly half.

Dr John Higgins, a McGovern School professor of medicine, explained: “As energy drinks are becoming more and more popular, it is important to study the effects of these drinks on those who frequently drink them and better determine what, if any, is a safe consumption pattern.

“The health effects from energy [drinks] could be due to different ingredients than coffee, or the ways in which they are consumed, including with alcohol or during physical activity.”


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