Edythe Kirchmaier, Facebook’s Oldest User, Celebrates 106th Birthday

Oldest Facebook User 106th Birthday

Edythe Kirchmaier, Facebook’s oldest user, celebrated her 106th birthday on Wednesday with more than 47,000 followers and the more than 11,000 people who have liked her page.

Kirchmaier earned the title last year when friends from Direct Relief, a medical aid charity, signed her up for an account on her 105th birthday. At first, she wasn’t able to enter her birth year of 1908, and it took the site’s engineers a month to fix the glitch and verify her age.

Despite growing up in the age of telegraphs and candlestick telephones, Edythe embraces social media, since it lets her check in with friends and family daily. She has also used the medium to raise awareness for the importance of volunteering, particularly with Direct Relief. She told ABC News, “My goal was to get my favorite charity, Direct Relief, better known.” She succeeded.

Still, as much as she loves her experience on Facebook, Kirchmaier has no plans to join Twitter, Pinterest, or any other site, explaining, “I’m sticking with Facebook for now.”

Edyth treated her Facebook followers to a photo of her celebrating Wednesday, as well as a message of thanks for the support and love she has received.



Along with being the oldest Facebook user, Edythe is also California’s oldest licensed driver and the University of Chicago’s oldest living graduate.

[Image: Facebook]

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