Dune Buggy Modified With a Tesla Motor Is INSANE!

Dune buggies are a great deal of fun. Growing upon Cape Cod, racing around on dunes and sand hills and a pretty fast speed is very exhilarating. But seeing this Dune Buggy modified with a Tesla motor shows me I have never truly had a REAL dune buggy experience, because it takes the fun of dune buggies and seems to put about a million or so Horsepower into it (I don’t math well) and the end result is a formidable vehicle that looks just as terrifying to ride, though looks more ‘fun-terrifying’, if that is actually a thing.

Tesla really doesn’t mess around. From rockets that can take off and then LAND AGAIN (wtf, doesn’t that KIND of defy physics?) to making hyper loops that will essentially warp us to far-away locations at remarkable speeds, he really HAS earned the Tesla moniker so many associate him with now.

Now peep this:

Going from the dig on this shot I have lots of people asking questions. The car weighs 2600 pounds. When the battery pack is topped off or when the cells are at 4.1 V each whole pack voltage is 396 V. This is a Tesla induction motor out of a later 2 Wheel Dr., Ludacris Car don’t know the year but I’m guessing 2015 2016 probably got 60,000 miles on it. The battery pack is made up of enerdel batteries each module is 4.1 V and you can safely drain them down to 2.5 V. Totally usable storage is about 22 kW. That’s pretty small considering Tesla’s daily driver is 85 to 100 kW. I get between 25 and 30 miles on a Sand dune ride. 20to26 runs down the drags and then the sun starts the set. It takes between 1 an hour and a half and two charge with two ultraquiet 7K Honda generators.

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Kinda leaves you breathless. BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE:

Just shows you, Tesla does not play around, and as eccentric and unique as Elon Musk is, the guy knows his stuff on a level of intellect few of us can even fathom.

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