Duck Tales Theme Song Turned Into Slow Jam, Trends On Facebook

Duck Tales Slow Jam

Remember the classic 80’s cartoon Duck Tales? The team at Postmodern Jukebox have taken the cartoons theme song and transformed it. The new rendition of the Duck Tales theme is spiced up in the form of a groovy R&B slow jam.

The group at Postmodern Jukebox have an ongoing series in which they take our favorite Saturday morning shows and spice up their theme songs.

At one point they throw in “duck duck duck goose” just for the fun of it.

The group has also taken on the Pokemon theme song, and given viewer response we don’t see this trend ending anytime soon.

Fans seem to be enjoying these newly minted covers. The Duck Tales theme song was remixed and uploaded on April 26. To date it has received just over 600,000 views. Fans have given the slow jam 8,635 enthusiastic thumbs up votes. The song has also received 416 down votes, probably from 90’s kids.

Transforming well-known music hits into something new is a common practice on Youtube, case in point, a Swedish Man Finger-Snapping the Super Mario Bros. Theme Song.

Check out the slow-jammed Duck Tales theme song and let us know what you think.




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