Swedish Man Finger-Snaps Super Mario Bros. Theme Song [Video]

Emil Axelsson

YouTube is a beautiful place filled with music, cats, and talented people across the world. One guy who decided to upload his talent to the internet has already gone viral in under 24 hours.

Emil Axelsson’s video has reached over 360,000 views with 3,600+ thumbs up compared to 200 thumbs down. Speaking about thumbs for this video is crucial, since you can’t snap without them. Axelsson, a Swedish media technology student, finger-snaps the Super Mario Bros. theme song like a champ.

Clearly there is a language barrier from what native English speakers are used too, with his YouTube video description clear and to the point.

“I play the Super Mario theme with finger snaps.”

Yes you do, Emil. Yes you do. Wonderfully, I might add. The concentration in his eyes is strong and his facial expressions are on point.

Axelsson told CNET, “I first realized for a couple of years ago that if I formed a smaller volume in the hand by curving my index finger I could achieve two different tones. Like when you learn to whistle, I managed to get a feel for how to shape the hand to play different notes, and now I have a register of about two octaves.”

He must be VERY popular with the ladies. Seriously, I could not get through this article without mentioning something about his hands in a different light.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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