Drunkspiration: Fitspiration Photos Get Boozy Twist


You know fitspiration? Those inspiring photos of people working out? The ones that show people achieving their goals through hard work? Well, drunkspiration is a lot like those but, you know, with more booze.

The Fitspiration meme has a lot of fans and for the most part the photo do a good job of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Of course, that isn’t always the case.

Reembody.me takes six of the most “shockingly irresponsible” fispirations posts and rips them apart in a pretty entertaining article.

Take the above slogan, “Don’t stop until you’re proud.” It originally appeared on this fitspiration photo.

ReEmbody writes: “It’s the “don’t stop” part … that earns this photo its place on my shit list. The message here is that it’s excusable, nay, it is advisable that the ladies in the audience disregard whatever else they were doing, you know, like having some self-esteem, and do whatever it takes to be f*ckable. If it was explicit that “don’t stop” meant “hire a professional lighting crew and a makeup artist and maybe a wizard” it would be one thing, but it’s not. “Don’t stop” just ends up meaning “nope, you’re not up to these heinously unrealistic standards yet; keep running, fatty!”

The message may not be a great fit for Fitspiration but for drunkspiration? Well, it’s pretty perfect.

An Imgur gallery popped up on Reddit today that gives a bunch of fitspiration photos a nice boozy twist.

Take this one for example.


What an inspiring message. When you’re peer-pressured into taking that nasty shot of cheap brown tequila and you think that your body just can’t take anymore. Remember, it’s not your body that’s quitting. It’s your brain cells.


I thought Vodka Samm was going to win the alcohol-themed meme of the year award this year but Drunkspiration could be a strong challenger.

Kokou Adzo

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