Drunk Moms Talk About Their Kids In Viral Video [Watch]

drunk moms talk about their kids buzzfeed

“Sometimes, we all need a little ‘mom juice.'”

Gotta love drunk moms right?

Buzzfeed Video hands the internet another cute and laughable video with moms who have definitely enjoyed a few glasses of wine before being asked classic parenting questions. The following questions with one of the better answers, are down below.

You will see why this video quickly went viral, sitting at 1.3 million views.

1. How are you feeling?
– Best response: “I haven’t drank in the longest time *smiles wide* this is kinda fun.”

2. What was being pregnant like?
– Best response: “You shit yourself, you piss yourself, there’s blood..”

3. What do you love the most about your kids?
– Best response: “She puts her tiny little hand against my cheek and says “Mommy, I love you.’ Then we close our eyes and take a nap. Then the next thing that happens is she shoves a f*cking finger up my nose.”

4. What’s difficult about being a parent?
– Best response: “What do you even do with your money if you don’t have kids?”

5. Do you want to be a cool mom?
– Best response: “You don’t want your avocado? Here have a turkey burger instead.”

Then the moms gave us their final thoughts.

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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