Dove ‘Men+Care Mission’ Reunites Military Dad In Time For Father’s Day [Viral Video]

Dove Reunion Goes Viral

We don’t spend a lot of time showing off paid viral ad campaigns from company’s but it’s hard not to get behind the Dove Men+Care Mission.

The team at the personal hygiene company have helped reunite 300 service men with their families just in time for Father’s Day.

One of those reunions was caught on video and since its June 11, 2013 submit date the viral video has received 46,511 views on YouTube.

The video proclaims:

It’s difficult to be away from your kids. For an hour, a day, a week … Imagine what it feels like to be away for seven months.”

The video then goes on to hear the touching story of Staff Sargent John Gallagher.

Watch the touching reunion (shown above) in celebration of father’s day.

Kokou Adzo

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Can't even imagine being without my DD for months at a time! Dove has done some really amazing campaigns lately…love following them 🙂

  2. GAH.. I'm in tears! My brother in law leaves for weeks, months at a time and just saw him come home today to be with all of the family for father's day. It crushed me to see my nephew and sister cry and kiss him goodbye. He'll be back soon and I just cannot imagine all those who go for a longer stretch of time. I thank them for fighting for our country.. but in the long run it really impacts their lives so much I don't know why this still goes on. I wish we could all just get along.. wishful thinking. Hopefully all of these men and women will be reunited with their families sooner than later.