Caught On Tape: Fox Attempts To Open Woman’s Door!


A woman from Kansas captured atypical footage of a fox attempting to claw its way into her establishment where she had fled with her dog.

via Tumblr; Perhaps, the fox just wanted to come in for some coffee

Sally Catlin of Herington stated the fox had gotten into a fracas with her dog, Ellie, previously on Sunday and the animal seemed assertive when they encountered it again yesterday.

Catlin brought her pet inside her shop and recorded as the fox tried to claw through the window on the door and even sought to turn the door handle to make its way inside!

“We do see foxes. We live on the edge of town and have acres behind us and we do see foxes cross back there into a wooded area also every year, but I’ve never seen one this close and not afraid of people at all, and actually fighting with the other animals,” Catlin told local reporters.

Catlin stressed the game warden and police have been informed of the fox’s behavior and they indicated to her they will likely set traps to ensure that the animal is not rabid.

Foxes typically are solitary animals; whereas wolves, for instance, hunt on their own rather than in packs (as the footage proves).

Too, foxes stink (pretty bad), and their peculiar ‘musky’ smell arises from scent glands at the base of their tail. Thereby, it makes sense that the fox was an unwelcomed guest!


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