Don’t Suck At Facebook #389: April Fools’ Day Edition

Facebook Dispute Ends With One Teen Stabbing Another 65 Times


If there was ever a day to suck at Facebook, April Fools’ Day is certainly one — as the line between acceptably pranky and totally out of line tricking is crossed, crossed again, and reposted to everyone’s individual Facebook feeds.

April Fools’ Day participation in and of itself doesn’t mean you suck at Facebook, but there are certain jokes that are more offensive and mean that others — and some that just are more a waste of time than not and about as funny as a toothache.

As we all know, April Fools’ Day pranks range from the benign to the “ha ha, major horrible thing happened” sort, and the day is rife for posting click and linkbait under the guise of it all being in good fun:

However, a few April Fools’ pranks should be avoided on social news sites, including:

Pregnancy Announcements

Unless you’re really expecting, we’ve heard that fake pregnancy announcements can be painful for parents who have lost pregnancies or otherwise are struggling to conceive. In fact, to be on the safe side, avoid announcing an impending new arrival until April 2. Besides …


Major Bad News

Floods, earthquakes, fires, and other major events are often the subject of spurious “prank” news stories, but given the reach of your Facebook posts, you may be “joking” about an event that could affect the family, friends, or general loved ones of someone on your list. Even if it’s just for a minute, this sort of info could really upset someone … and the humor value is non-existent.

Death Hoaxes By now, pretty much everyone is wary of the internet death hoax. But they spread quickly, even on April Fools’ Day, and there is an off-chance that someone could see such a link in error. Not funny.


Have you seen any horrible April Fools’ Day posts on Facebook today?



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