Donald Trump Says He’s The Third Most Envied Man In America [Twitter Reacts]

Donald Trump Enived

If there’s one person in the world who thinks highly of Donald Trump, it’s definitely Donald Trump. For some inexplicable reason, the mogul recently declared on Twitter that he was the third most envied man in America. He also misspelled the word “nauseous.” a fact which didn’t go unnoticed by those who quickly respond to Trump’s bold announcement.

Why would Donald Trump decide to make such a declaration on Twitter? Truthfully, that’s anybody’s guess. However, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice is slated to premiere on NBC in just a few weeks. Since Trump knows how to draw attention to himself, chances are this is nothing more than an attention grab to get his name in the headlines. Not surprisingly, it worked.

Below you can check out Trump’s original post in addition to several reactions from the Twitter community. Although he might be adored by some, the vocal majority on the micro-blogging site are not overly impressed with Trump’s egotistical tweet.

Do you agree that Donald Trump is the third most envied man in America?

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