Dog Rescue Nearly Failed After Spaniel Falls Over Cliff, Refuses to Be Rescued

Dog rescue fail as dog falls off cliff, refuses rescue.

One lucky pup plunged to his near-death off of a 200 foot cliff, but when help arrived, the dog rescue was almost a fail! Despite gentle coaxing and treats from the coastguards who came to rescue Bailey, who had fallen off the edge of a cliff and landed on a ledge below, the dog wasn’t interested in what the rescuers were offering.

The dog was initially suspicious of the coastguard officer who dropped in on a rope, unwilling to let him get within reach. The team slowly brought the officer up the cliff face so that he was able to get within a few feet of the animal so they could “get to know each other.”

Once the scared animal felt a little more comfortable, the coast guard officer was able to hook a leash onto Bailey’s collar and safely rescue the pup.

The West Bay Coastguard Rescue Team posted details and photos of the rescue on their Facebook page, explaining that the dog “was moving freely around the steep upper cliff levels, trapped only by a 12 foot vertical section above and thick brush below. The officer was lowered down to the dog who unfortunately seemed quite uninterested in his own rescue, instead preferring to keep his distance from the officer by constantly moving.”

The Facebook post noted: “This incident had a very happy outcome and the dog’s owners did the right thing by calling the coastguard and not attempting a ‘self-rescue.’ Always keep your dog on a lead on the cliffs, as some dogs, especially smaller ones, can have difficulty seeing the cliff edge, and never, ever attempt a self rescue.”

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