Did Anyone Else Find the “Stranger Things” Easter Egg in Spotify?

I will be honest. I was on Spotify yesterday, jonesing about the new season of Stranger Things (which is NOW STREAMING) and I found something quite cool, by mistake, no less.

First few times it happened I thought I was seeing things, but sure enough, you scrolled over the song you were listening to on Spotify to jump ahead and, well, you ended up in the upside down from the Netflix instant classic, Stranger Things, as seen in my tweet below:


Instead of a normal bar, it became the illuminated beam of a flashlight lighting up the upside down from the show, and there was all this dust floating by the screen with the black, inky edges of the upside down closing in, but it would only last as long as you hovered over the song bar.

Creepy AND cool! And who doesn’t love this show? No one, that’s who.

It was also cool because they added a killer Stranger Things playlist, too, featuring tracks from the soundtrack, the show, and overall time period and feel of the show (80’s, horror, fun, spooky, retro). I just thought it was cool and wanted to see if anyone else stumbled upon it like I did.

Don’t bother me for three days, though, time to binge-watch season two!



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