How Many Faces Do You See In This Tree? It Says A Lot About Your Brain


Are you ready to test your cognitive skills with a super easy, fun brainteaser?

How many faces do you spot in this tree?; Photo: Facebook

Alright … we see, seven. You?

The above cognitive test is known as the “National Leaders Tree” challenge.

In it, first you are to count all the faces, and then scroll down to find out what it says about your brain. The number of faces you detect says something important about your memory.

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Did you see 2 to 4 faces?

The first two drawings are rather obvious, however if you can only see 1 or 2 additional hidden faces, it potentially means that you suffer from a memory disorder.

Did you spot 5 to 6 faces?

If you see five or six faces, than you may be at risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Did you find 7 to 8 faces?

Your memory is good, but not outstanding! Keep working on puzzles like this to enhance your cognitive skills.

Or, were you able to count more than 9 faces?

If you were able to spot 9 (or more) faces, well than basically, you are the real deal Holyfield! Ha really, it means that you have superior memory and facial recognition skills.

Photo: Gifer

The National Leaders Tree’s test, is formulated to boost brain activity, improve concentration, and increase memory power, so it’s a win-win-win!

If you ever have a tough time answering a brain teaser, it simply means that you need to workout / exercise your brain a bit more often.

And if you found this test to be a-walk-in-the-park—challenge yourself and attempt to name all the famous faces, than!

Photo: Gfycat

Now – tell us, how many faces did you (initially) see? And eh, be honest with yourself ‘k.

Thanks sportsmen! ????????

And now … without further ado … we’d like to present to you, the ENTIRE tree.

Yes, the first photo (at the very top) is a cropped version. The second one (above) is the actual full National Leaders Tree. Sorry, if we made some of you nervous – ha; Photo: Shared

Got’cha! Now, simply re-count the faces and revisit the determinations.


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