Denver Nuggets Mascot Falls To Floor Unconscious, Freaks Out Fans [Video]

denver nuggets mascot

The opening ceremony before the Denver Nuggets game didn’t go exactly as planned. The team’s mascot, SuperMascot Rocky, was supposed to drop from the ceiling to get fans pumped for the 2013-14 season. Well, Rocky dropped from the ceiling but he didn’t really get anyone pumped up. Nope, he absolutely terrified the crowd.

Of course, it wasn’t really Rocky’s fault.

The person inside of the suit had a dizzy spell or something and ended up fainting. So, completely unconscious, Rocky made his lifeless descent to the court.

Can you imagine what it was like being in the stands with your kid? Why isn’t Rocky dancing? Is Rocky OK?

It looks like a scene out of a horror film. Did someone kill the man inside the mask then lower him to the floor on live television? No, but that’s what it looked like. And just in case you were wondering, it’s perfectly OK to laugh. The person inside the suit wasn’t injured and they didn’t lose their job. SuperMascot Rocky took to Twitter shortly after the incident to assure fans that he was doing OK.

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