Delta And LinkedIn Partnership Brings ‘Meet And Greets’ To Flights

Delta Innovation Class

How would you like to hop on a Delta airlines flight and meet someone else in your same business field? Or perhaps someone who could partner with your business to generate more sales and a better infrastructure? That is the goal behind a new Delta Airlines and LinkedIn partnership. The companies are working together to create in-flight meet and greets among LinkedIn users.

Known as the ‘Delta Innovation Class’ the new program connects young professionals with established business leaders.

Delta Airlines will even pick up Innovation Class flights at no charge. The program starts with a celebrity chef who is heading to the James Beard Awards in New York this May.

Want to take part in an opportunity to be mentored? You will need to apply for an opportunity which means you should update your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible.

While the program is unique, it is not the first business centric promotion to go live. Turkish Airlines offered in-flight pitches last year.

As LinkedIn continues to surpass investor expectations the company needs to continue its efforts towards social enterprise dominance. It’s this type of forward thinking that has propelled the company to the front of the pack.

Would you like to take part in the Delta and LinkedIn flight partnership?





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