Deep, but truthful, Twitter thoughts about the Capitol Riots

Image Source: Flyer News

Twitter thoughts about the Capitol Riots posted by millions of Americans on the platform is a great read. Readers always get to see the two sides of a story. They get to learn what truly happened, what is the current development on the situation, and more. In this case, humor is always an easy defense. Many Americans tend to find it entertaining to post something humorous about events as crazy as the Capitol Riots. However, there is always a hint of truth in their words.

Here are some of America’s deep, but truthful, Twitter thoughts about the capitol riots:

They thought they would get away with it and go back to “normal”

So now, we speculate that “Blue Lives Matter” literally was just “anti black”

Stop racial profiles in terrorism!

Another Twitter thought about the capitol riots

Instigators don’t need recognition

Really, it took that long?

Now, we know where all their priorities are

Good riddance to the $750 billion

Must be surprising for them to be on the #NoFlyList

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Are you sure we’re still talking about The Lion King?

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