Dismayed and Disgusted Twitter Reactions to the US Capitol Riot

Capitol Hill on an ordinary day. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The US Capitol Riot is the first in modern US history. Senators and lawmakers ran for cover as a mob of angry protesters overpowered Capitol Hill security during the tally of electoral votes. The reason – they do not want Capitol Hill to declare Biden as President of the US.

Trump’s fans and avid supporters have mixed reactions to the Capitol riot that happened on January 6th. Many of them condemn the riots, saying that mob violence was an extreme reaction to Trump’s electoral loss. However, they still believe strongly that Trump has no hand in these rallies.

America’s verdict against Trump

My cartoon Friday @TheTimes. “Lock him up! Lock him up!” #CapitolRiots #DonaldJTrump #incitement pic.twitter.com/53IWio7rj2

— Peter Brookes (@BrookesTimes) January 8, 2021

An inside job, perhaps?

A full hit against Trump

Prepared to kidnap

Scared, confused, and outnumbered rioters

Many Capitol rioters could have serious mental health issues

Oh, the irony

Unsupported by those they support

Resignation is an easy way out

Proud, amused, and undisturbed by their criminality

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