Man Lived With His Mom’s Decomposing Corpse for 4 Months

mother decomposing corpse

A 40-year-old man diagnosed with depression was discovered living with his mother’s decomposing corpse for approx four months.

via Reddit; It hurts a great deal when our loved ones pass on, however we need to keep the best memories alive and move on from there

Reportedly, the man was the only person who resided with his mother since his father perished in an accident many years ago. When authorities arrived at the scene several days back, the mother’s decomposing corpse was found. The son explained his 85-year-old mother lost consciousness after consuming a meal on January 13th. He then let his mum sit on the chair she died on, and teman her every passing day. He even devoured his meals while seated next to her decaying body! While the elderly woman’s body rotted, he detected that it was releasing a vile odor, so he shut the windows and doors to prevent the smell from exiting, as well as the bugs from entering.

The man’s cousin had attempted to visit her in April, but was stopped by him, reports state. However, on May 10th, she chose to revisit her aunt, only to learn from the son that the old lady had passed on some time ago. The visiting cousin promptly reported the situation to the police. One of the neighbors claimed that in April she did notice a nauseating smell around the residence, but she presumed it was the old lady’s feces and urine. She too witnessed the elderly lady’s son pour away a container full of yellow fluid, though it turns out that it may have been fluid from the maggoty corpse.

From observations, no suspicious wounds or scars were seen on the corpse. It was sent to the Hospital Tangkak morgue for an autopsy and additional investigation. According to reports, the man is the only son in the family and was the only individual who attended the wake of his mother. Law enforcement said that this case is regarded as natural death, therefore no one would be arrested or imprisoned.


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