Dear People Who Hate Exercise; Love, Twitter


Dear people who loathe exercise — you are not alone. We know how it feels like having to scroll through countless #EatClean and #GetFit hashtag post, only for another one to pop up on your dashboard. Oh, as if your gym thing never happened without the rest of the world having to know about it with your selfie? </bitter>


But hey, we know you do try — sometimes — once in a blue moon? And we know how tough the gym scene can get. So here are a collection of tweets all about the horrors of gym exercise. You’re welcome.

Because this is just all about as chummy you’re willing to get with the space in question.

Because there are other things more worthwhile doing… right?

“Oh, I’m so fit like you wouldn’t believe! Aha, ahahahahahanot really.”

Because you try getting into this stretchy-tight, constricting piece of torture garment when you’re anywhere beyond a Double-D. I dare you.

*struggling to breathe and plastered with sweat*

Where’s that exercise hormone when you need it?!

Why would you even say that?!


And that murderous feeling when people just sing the praises of their gym.

And quitting gyms make you feel like you’ve just sold your soul to the devil.

Then again, there are always upsides to a gym membership, right?

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