Dead Bobcat Hung From Goalpost At Tullahoma High School

A 16-year-old student has been charged with killing a bobcat in Tennessee. The animal was then hung from the goalposts at Tullahoma High School.

According to JNR, the student, who was not identified, was charged with killing a bobcat out of season. Authorities do not believe that the same student was also responsible for hanging the bobcat.

Tullahoma City Schools director Dan Lawson said in a statement:

“This despicable act does not represent the leadership, citizenry or the vast majority of students at Coffee County High School and Tullahoma High School. We are friends, neighbors, relatives and at time fierce competitors, but that fierce competition leaves no room for cruelty to animals. Nearly every student in Tullahoma and Manchester is disgusted that any innocent animal is used as an object lesson and all are hopeful that our competition is safe, fair and fun!”

This is a disgusting and heinous act, but possibly even more disgusting is the punishment that this student faces. If convicted, they could face a $50 fine. Yes, just $50. For this…

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesman Doug Markham said that it was up to the school and police to find the student responsible for hanging the animal. That student could also face legal charges.

It’s unclear what the motive was behind this disgusting display of animal cruelty but it may have been a “prank” related to this weekend’s football game. Tullahoma High School will be playing in the annual Coffee Pot Rivalry football game this weekend against Coffee County Central High. Tullahoma’s mascot is a wildcat.

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