Dave Grohl Talks Dr. Seuss, ‘Sound City’ On Reddit

dave grohl

Dave Grohl did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit this weekend and the music legend touched on quite a few subjects. The former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters guitarist hit on fatherhood, his new documentary, fame, music and of course, Dr. Seuss.

Grohl spent a lot of time answering his fans questions on Reddit and even posted a few pictures of himself at his studio. One photo was in response to user LegoDaveGrohl who wanted to ask a question from 6-year-old Rory.

dave grohl reddit

And when you ask a photo question, you get a photo response.

dave grohl reddit

Grohl is a father so it’s easy to see why he humored Rory’s question. In fact, Grohl says that his kids are the one thing that makes him stay so grounded.

dave grohl reddit

Here are some other highlights from Dave Grohl’s AMA on Reddit.

  • On simple pleasures: Being a father.
  • On what he would do if he was president: 1.) Change the way people decide who is president. 2.) Resign.
  • The first thing he does at a concert: If it’s my concert – where’s catering. If it’s a Sound Garden concert – where’ the tequila.
  • On how he makes his beard so luscious: FISH OIL
  • On how he spends Friday nights: Probably lying in bed with a laptop in front of me and a beer
  • On what food he would eat if he could only eat one food: Fried fucking chicken.

You can read Dave Grohl’s entire AMA here. Oh, and check out Sound City.



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