Cows Are Being Equipped With VR Goggles to Upsurge Milk Production

VR goggles

Cows at RusMoloko dairy farm are being fit with VR goggles to help them unwind by providing them views of green pastures packed with sunshine.

The VR goggles aren’t movie props, though. According to a press release from Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the VR headsets have been exclusively designed for these dairy cows to help them decompress for the goal of producing more milk. As numerous sources reported, the urgent issue of dwindling milk production led industry chieftains in milk production, as well as specialists from the IT world to work collectively to come up with a high-tech resolution.

And they came up with – virtual reality. Cows can observe a “unique summer field simulation program.” Cows possess inadequate depth perception, according to Agricultural Safety and Health. Establishing a landscape in virtual reality that cows could voyage meant scientists had to take into account their weaker perception of greens and blues, but the stronger perception of the color red. In order to formulate the simulation, experts considered what lent to an upbeat emotional state for cows. They examined demos of dairy farms around the globe and determined that a serene atmosphere culminated in more milk production.

The cow’s VR goggles were minutely designed in a VR studio by developers, alongside veterinarians. Taking into consideration the structural characteristics of the animals’ heads, the traditionally human-fitting virtual reality headsets were modified to work for cows. After donning their headsets, researchers reported that the cows exhibited a reduction in anxiety and a spike in the overall mood of the herd. Nowadays, RusMoloko ranks within the top three largest manufacturers of milk in the Russian Federation.


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