Comedian Kyle Kinane Has Fun With Twitter Bot, Pace Salsa Deletes Account

Pace Salsa

Update: According to a tweet posted by Kyle Kinane, he was fooled by prankster Randy Liedtke.

Twitter bots are used for many different purposes, and comedian Kyle Kinane noticed a different kind of bot used by Pace Salsa’s Twitter account.

Kinane first noticed that two of his NSFW tweets posted back in January were favorited by Pace:

Feeling that no human being who managed the account would favorite such tweets, he posted one tweet after another which made it pretty clear a bot was at work:

Eventually, Pace caught on to Kinane’s shenanigans, and tweeted it was experiencing “technical problems.”

Currently, @Pace_Foods doesn’t exist, and it would appear the account was deleted.

Before the account was deleted, “Eric” direct messaged Kinane about deleting the tweets:

Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

Back out of his meeting, Miles chimes in, immediately prompting “Sharon” to take over:

Almost an hour later, Miles responds saying he’s “pretty sure they are firing me Monday,” but Eric assures him that’s not the case:

While the last several direct messages could be fake, the message is pretty clear that companies should pay a bit more attention when using bots on Twitter.

Kokou Adzo

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