Christmas Carols Sung in Minor Keys Are Scary as Hell

Christmas is coming (whether you are one of those people who love it or one of those people who hate it, kinda like me) and with that, comes Christmas carols. The same steady flow of seasonal songs, year after year, to get us all jolly and in the seasonal spirit.

But what most people don’t know is most Christmas carols (and 90% of pop music, btw, not kidding) are composed in major keys to make the music sound more flowery and bright and positive (and often, more catchy).

But when you drop all those keys to minor keys, Christmas carols go from happy, seasonal sing-a-longs to pure nightmare fuel for the ear drums:

Wow, huh? Kinda changes the entire vibe. That is more like some Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff than the “Up on the Rooftop” stuff we are so used to.

I actually like these scary ones more, but I will be the first to admit I am a weirdo.





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