Christian Prophets Still Claim Trump Will be Reinstated into Government

Who would have known that religious prophets would be among the most loyal supporters of former President Trump? In fact, it has been observed that the most conservative Christians may have been the right amount of push for Trump’s presidential win back in 2016. Since Trump’s election back in 2016, numerous self-proclaimed “prophets” have been putting their visions into the future of Trump’s political career. In fact, there are numerous claims and prophecies that he will be re-elected back in 2020. All this, we know, turned out to be inaccurate.

These leaders and prophets don’t seem to give up just yet. Just recently, remarkable stories about prophets claiming that Trump will be reinstated into government have been surrounding media outlets. The internet just could not get enough of it.

Trump will be “called back” for three terms

One of the latest claims about Trump’s Presidency is made by Pastor Robin Bullock. He claims that Trump would be “called back” for “three terms”. Three terms of what, you ask? At this point, the pastor has not made any clarity to it yet. He firmly believes, however, that Trump continues to be the legitimate president. Bullock is also telling his congregation that “God will supernaturally move things out of the way” for the true president to walk right back into government.

He is actually not the only leader that claims this. There are others like Kat Kerr that claim that “God had told her” that Trump would be serving the US for eight years. Another religious leader, Johnny Enlow, also claims that Trump will be the “primary government leader on planet Earth”.

A Prophecy about a Coup

Another self-proclaimed “prophet”, Minister Jeff Jansen claims that he believes that the military is “carrying out a coup” to reinstate Trump as the president. Just like other Evangelical leaders, he also firmly believes that Trump is still the legitimate president of the US. Exactly where and how they get this idea is unexplainable for many. But prophecies don’t exactly need proof or explanation, do they?

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Creating ways of justifying prophetic inaccuracies

In the course of the last few years, many ministries have closed because of inaccuracies in their “visions”. Some ministers have deeply apologized after getting backlash for claiming falsehoods to their followers. While there are many so-called prophets who have apologized to their congregation for their misplaced visions, some are still trying to worm their way into justifying it. Some leaders claim that Trump is just “waiting for the right time” to walk back into office. There are others that even claim that Biden getting inaugurated into the Presidency is the work of Satan.

Regardless, the narrative gets less mysterious and prophetic, but more ridiculous as the days go by. Many Christians are, in fact, disgusted that these “leaders” would be using God’s name and believers’ faith for all this Trump hullabaloo.

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