Children For Sale On Facebook, Mom Arrested After Posting $4,000 Offer

Facebook Mother sells Kids

A mother of the year candidate was arrested this week after she attempted to sell her children on Facebook.

Misty VanHorn, a mother of two in Oklahoma, attempted over the weekend to seller her children. The 22-year-old mother was quickly and rightfully arrested for allegedly trafficking minors through the social network.

The mother was offering her 10-month-old and 2-year-old for $4,000 each.

VanHorn offered her younger daughter for $1,000 and both children for $4,000. The mother managed to find a buyer before she was arrested.

According to The Oklahoman a female buyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas was ready to buy the children and she also now faces possible federal charges.

In a post obtained by the Daily Dot VanHorn wrote in a Facebook message:

“Just come to Sallisaw, it’s only 30 minutes away and I’ll give you all of her stuff and let y’all have her forever for $1,000.”

VanHorn was selling her 10-month-old daughter so she could pay $1,000 in bail money to get her boyfriend out of jail. A judge has since increased VanHorn’s boyfriends bond to $40,000.

Misty’s children has been placed in the custody of the state’s department of human services. It was that very department that first alerted pollice.

Before any of our readers freak out on Misty VanHorn via Facebook, PLEASE BE AWARE that there are two VanHorn’s living in Oklahoma.



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