Celebrities React To Harris Wittels’ Death, Post Heartfelt Emotions And Condolences

Ever since news of Harris Wittels’ death spread across the world. Multiple celebrities, friends, and coworkers have tweeted, posted, and paid tribute to the comedic star.

The 30-year- old who has spoken about his struggle with drug addiction, was found on his couch by his assistant. The official cause of death is still unknown, but several publications and unidentified sources have pointed in the direction of a drug overdose.

Harris Wittels itorked behind the scenes for most of his most well-know works like producing Parks And Recreation, Eastbound & Down, and The Sarah Silverman Show. Harris Wittels was drafted by Sarah Silverman back in 2007 to write for the show. He had a huge presence on Twitter – credited with creating the trend #humblebrag on Twitter. On top of writing some of the funniest episodes to hit TV, he was a stand up comedian. Wittels was actually performing stand-up the night before his passing at The Meltdown comedy club on Wednesday night.

People who were in his presence at the comedy club the night before could not believe it.



Wittels had spoken previously about his struggle with drug addiction and had gone to rehab twice.

On Thursday, Amy Poehler was at the Unite4:Humanity event where she spoke about her dear friend during her acceptance speech of the unity award, “So, here’s my daily life – today, I lost a friend. I lost a dear, young man in my life who was struggling with addiction and died. Just a few hours before we came.”

Poehler continued: “Jane [Aronson] and I sat and talked about it. I’m sharing it with you because life and death live so close together and we walk that fine line every day and at the end of the day when things happen in our lives, we turn to people that we love, and we look to our family and our community for support, and we lean on people in a hope that they will ease our pain.”

Since then, many celebrities and well-known figures have spoken out about this tragic event.




Sarah Silverman’s consecutive tweets are truly heartbreaking.

Aziz Ansari took to his Tumblr to post memories of Harris.

aziz ansari wittels post
aziz ansari wittels post

You can read the full post here.

Below is a clip from Parks And Recreation where Harris played an Animal Control employee.

Parks and Recreation is in its final season. The last episode will air this Thursday.

[Photo credit: MSNBC]

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