CarThrottle Partners With YouTube


CarThrottle, described as the ‘BuzzFeed’ for cars has recently dumped its online video distributor to partner directly with YouTube. Like it has done with only a select number of people, YouTube will add CarThrottle to its package of premium YouTube channels that it plans to sell to major advertisers.

CarThrottle is getting around 2 million unique visitors per month and has over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube. This week reportedly resulted in their highest traffic day, clocking in 225,000 uniques in a single day. More than 60% of CarThrottle’s traffic comes from the U.S.

With over 1 million Facebook likes, the company says it sees three times the amount of engagement that TopGear does.

The site produces four videos per week that it publishes to its car loving audience. Frequent playlist themes include 2 Guys 1 Car, Car Trivia, and Readers’ Rides.

At the moment, CarThrottle is developing a custom CMS and platform that they will use to personalize content consumption show more accurate content to car fans. For example, car fans who like Audi will see content that revolves around Audi much more often.



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