Bye Felipe: Calling Out Hostile Dudes (And Their Nudes)

Online services like Tinder have made it easier than every before to meet that special someone — but it’s also made it easier than ever before for less-than-special suitors to hound their victims even after they’ve been spurned.

The anonymity of these services lends itself to bad behaviour — but nothing is really anonymous on the internet. An Instagram account called Bye Felipe is publishing screenshots of some of the worst offenders, showing us that entitlement is alive and well among the more childish recesses of the male population.

It’s rather incredible to see how people will act when they think no one will be able to see them, and very pleasing to see the results made available for anyone to look upon. These ‘Felipes’ shouldn’t have to be named and shamed like this — frankly, they should know better — but given that they’ve made their bed, it’s only fitting that they have to lie in it.

The lesson here is very simple; don’t act up in private if you don’t want to be called out on it in public. Here are five of the very best ‘Bye Felipe’ posts.

‘No Heart Eyes’

As we all know, the absence of ‘heart eyes’ means the worst for any prospective romance — however, the appropriate followup is rarely this sweary.

‘Too Cute’

In three messages, this user manages to sum up a traditional ‘Bye Felipe’ exchange — lame compliment, unnecessary followup, full-blown entitlement.

‘Feminist Asshole’

Feminism is a multifaceted collection of ideas that can mean many things to many people. Withholding nudes, however, isn’t generally considered to be one of its most important principles.

‘Let’s Not’

Ryan here has a Plan B up his sleeve in case the mood turns sour — it’s a shame that Plan B is terrible.

‘Auto correct’

That is not how Autocorrect works — in fact, that’s not how any of this works.

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Magui Sandjou


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