Burglar Throws Rock At Bulletproof Glass, Gets Hit In The Face [Video]


Maryland law enforcement shared security camera footage of a thief throwing a rock that ricocheted off some bulletproof glass and struck the man in the face.

Police have dubbed the man who attempted to break a bulletproof window the ‘Bad Luck Bandit’ after surveillance video caught him being struck in the head by a brick he threw; Photo: Twitter

Prince George’s County Police shared security camera video exhibiting the man efficaciously breaking into a carryout business in Suitland in September by using a brick or large rock to shatter a window.

The dubbed “bad luck bandit” then tries to use the same object to smash the glass safeguarding the front counter, however it bounces off the barrier.

The man’s third attempt causes the item to spring back and smack him in the face, knocking him on the ground.

Police said the burglar was on the ground for several minutes before springing up and exiting stage left from the scene.

Detectives are asking anyone who knows the identity of the man to contact the department.

The moment when the brick the man tossed bounced off the bulletproof glass and smacked him in the back of the head, shell-shocking him; Photo: Facebook
The suspect sprawled out, ‘chilling’ on the ground for a couple of minutes before exiting the restaurant; Photo: Twitter

Call (866) 411-TIPS (8477) or the Regional Investigation Division-Central at (301) 390-2160 if you recognize the suspect, or know someone with a fishy head injury.


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