Bristol Dog Poop Poster Sparks Social Confusion, Disgust [Twitter Reacts]

Bristol dog poop poster

Bristol, England – A dog poop poster/PSA across the pond has sparked confusion and disgust on social networks like Twitter and Reddit.

The poster, which depicts a child literally eating dog shit off the ground, is the result of a council-led effort to get Bristol residents to pick up their dog’s droppings when they’re out for a walk.

Of course, Bristol officials have a point. It’s inconvenient/rude/gross to just leave your dog’s steaming piles wherever they may plop, but many on social media are criticizing the dog poop poster for going waaaaay too far.

Bristol Council responded with what is probably the best example of epic government trolling since PRISM:

But Bristol citizens aren’t impressed:

Some have found a sense of humor about the whole thing:

What do you think of the Bristol dog poop poster?

Kokou Adzo

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