Breaking Bad Spoilers: Aaron Paul Posts Revealing Photo On Instagram

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Aaron Paul posted a little hint about the Breaking Bad finale to Instagram today. But before we get to the Breaking Bad spoilers, lets recap what has happened so far.

Last week’s episode ends at the beginning of a massive desert shootout. Walter White is handcuffed inside of an SUV. Jesse is in the passenger seat of DEA agent Hank’s car. And Hank and Gomie? Well, they are in the middle of a storm of bullets courtesy of Uncle Jack and his gang of white supremacists.

So what happens next? Does Hank die? does Jesse live?

Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad spoiler reveals two very important things about the shootout. Jesse and Walt will both survive. Oh, and when it’s over they’ll go back to the White residence for a threeway with Skylar.

How did this happen? Remember that awkward dinner scene earlier this season? How did that tension turn into a threesome?

Let’s take a look at their faces.

Skylar looks legitimately satisfied. Has she been eyeing Jesse this entire time?

Jesse looks frightened? Was he forced into this? Did Walter White threaten him? Was this the only way to regain his loyalty?

Walter White looks, well, I don’t know. Contemplative? Sad? Has this been part of the plan all along?

Of course, this isn’t really a Breaking Bad spoiler. There’s just no scenario that would end in this situation. But maybe it’s a Breaking Bad wrap party spoiler photo….

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