#Boobment: College Girls Show Of Cleavage, Team Spirit On Twitter


For years, college girls have had to make an impossibly tough choice: They could either show off their team spirit or their cleavage. Well, there’s a no #boobment afoot. Girls from colleges across the country have figured out that if they wear low cut shirts, stick shot glasses in between their breasts, or cover their nipples with school related stickers, they can show off their cleavage and their team spirit at the same time.


The trend reportedly started at Kansas where female Jayhawks fans helped the team to the final four in 2012.

The KU Boobs Facebook page reads:

“Join the trend! This simple good luck ritual has swept across Jayhawk Nation like a Kansas gale and carried our team to the Final Four in New Orleans! We wear crimson blue PROUDLY across our chests for the whole world to see. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!”

KU Boobs even handed out an award this year for the best KU Boobs. The tweet below may be considered NSFW. Of course, if you’re reading this post you’re probably looking for slightly NSFW pics. Soooo, here you go.

Of course, the Kansas Jayhawks aren’t the only team with beautiful and busty fans. Similar accounts have been set up for Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Vanderbilt and several other schools but the girls at Kansas are definitely the most organized. In addition to a Facebook and Twitter account, they’re also using Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. If you’re a Jayhawks fan, you can also submit your “team spirit” photos at the groups official email Submit@KuBoobs.com.

Still, the girls at the other schools deserve a shout out.

And just in case you have the crazy idea that this #boobment is somehow degrading to women, KU Boobs posted a message about feminism on KuBoobs.com.

The group writes:

“It’s all about who’s in the driver’s seat; and in the case of #kuboobs, it’s the ladies all the way. #kuboobs has emerged from the throes of March Madness: a frenzied, cultish worship of the male body and its physical prowess. Its a masculine sphere that traditionally excludes women (just like those pricks who assume girls don’t watch the games!). But with #kuboobs, ladies are here to announce their fandom, loud and proud, and to seize their own place among the Apollonian body worship that’s synonymous with the NCAA basketball tournament. Its our answer to the phallic act of putting the ball in the hole. We women are reappropriating power from male athletes, bracketeers and sportscasters, and announcing: “we’re here, we’re powerful, and we can hijack your twitter feed with our boobs.”

What do you think about the #boobment? Are you going to follow @kuboobs on Twitter?



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